Corning Iowa High School
Class of '72

Red Raiders

Guido Del Re -AFS Student 1971-72


My first years as a returnee, once I survived the shock of going back to my previous life, were quite fun. I can't forget how good it was travelling with friends around Europe.


This period of life was something like following a script I didn't write. Finish college, getting a degree, engagement, get a job, getting married…divorce. To tell the truth I can't complain, since I also had a good life.The time spent as an MD in the Navy, for my military service, was very nice.


This was a time of spiritual research which allowed me to (re)build my inner life after divorcing. A lot of travelling around and contacts. If you get a chance to know it first-hand, monastic life can be quite fascinating. Anyway I never tried it, just visiting.


This period is my favourite in terms of research activities and professional life was rich. I got the opportunity to meet a number of famous cardiologists from US and Europe. Even if the salary was not adequate, as well as my career growth, I was culturally satisfied. In 2001 I also started my activity as a Workers Union rep in my company (which obviously didn't help my career and may explain what happened later), activity that still keeps me busy also at a national level and you can see a couple of recent photos at the bottom of this page.

At the same time, as a single, I could enjoy lot of holiday travelling.

Paris was my N1 destination (even 3 times a year!).


In terms of professional life this is the end of the Gold Age. Unemployment, although with the parachute of half the salary knocks you out for a while. Let's put it this way: you have lot of time but little money. In the end though I had a fantastic life experience. I could spend time on my hobbies, like learning Biblical Hebrew (no kidding) and Jewish literature. By the way you can see a couple of photos of myself with two of my favourite writers: Chaim Potok (I met him near Philadelphia) and Abraham Yehoshua (I met him in Florence together with my Hebrew class-mates).

I didn't succeed in learning much of it, but it made me enter a different world, where I met Mieke (her father is Belgian-flamish). I married her in May 2004, 11 days after the birth of our daughter Noa Clara. Her first name comes after the Israeli singer and the second, which is not used, from her catholic baptism: in absence of a Saint Noa we opted for Santa Chiara

This is it. My life now reflects more what most of you experienced some time ago: snappers, toys, stroller, kindergarten, etc. The difference is that I now am 53 (but my wife is much younger). No more travelling so far. Rare movie shows. But it's great to be a dad.

Mieke and I regret we couldn't join you this time, also because we are negotiating to buy the apartment where we live. I am sure you understand and you will still invite us next time.

We wish all of you all the best. Go big red!

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