Map of Union Cemetery Area

Area near Crawfordsville, Indiana

map provided by Dave Osborne 1999

The Hardisty Cemetery (Urias and Elizabeth Hardesty plus Melinda Hardesty, wife of Jesse) is located in Union Township, Montgomery County, IN at NW 1/4, Sec. 24, Twp. 19 N., R. 5 W. The map shows property owners as of 1995. The cemetery is not marked but it is somewhere in Section 24, the middle of the map.  (Dave Osborne 1999)

My date for Urias came from my great aunt and I believe she took it off of his tombstone. Unfortunately it was either not legible or not located on my recent trek through the thicket! (The stone I found and could read was for his wife Elizabeth) - Linda Hardesty 1998.