Very early information on

Obediah Hardesty



Pay Roll stubs from Morgan's Rifle Regiment - Continental Troops were issued to Private Obediah Hardesty for the months of Jun 1777, July 1777, Aug, Sep, Oct 1777, Nov 1777, Dec 1777, Jan 1778, Feb 1778, and Mch 1778 (Shown above). Swearingen was mortally injured during the First Battle of Saratoga (NY). Copies courtesy of Jan Cozad.



Pay Roll stubs from the Pennsylvania line in the Revolutionary War to Private Obediah Hardesty. Most dated either Dec 24, 1784 or Dec 24, 1785 or mostly unreadable. Copies courtesy of Jan Cozad.  The 1st PA Continental Regiment was raised out of the Pennsylvania Rifle Battalion according to Trussell. Trussell breaks this Regiment into Companies and indicates what county each Company was possibly raised from.




Copy of Index courtesy of John Tipps.

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