Hardesty Family Photos

Thomas Hardesty, son of Noah Hardesty (Urias)

from Jeffrey Bryant

Jacob Louisa and Grace Cozad

Photo of Jacob & Louisa Hardisty Cozad my GG Grandparents.  Jacob is son of Bailey Cozad and Louisa is daughter of Samuel Hardisty.  Both Bailey Cozad and Samuel Hardisty are old pioneers of Adams County, Iowa.  Samuel’s family being in the county before Bailey’s family.  Jacob & Louisa farmed south of Carbon, Iowa.  All are buried in Oakland Cemetery, near present day Carbon, Iowa.  Young lady in the photo is daughter Grace. - Linda Walls

Front Row: Solomon Leander (Saul), Goldie and Lettie Walton Hardisty

Back Row: Rosie, Arthur, Elva, Edward, Nora, Lee, Ann, and Burton

Middle: Ruby

Adams County, Iowa

from Roger Cox

Grave marker of Solomon Hardesty (s/o Urias Hardesty)

Urbana Cemetery, Benton County, Iowa

from Dave Osborne

Eva & Grace Hardisty

Adams County, Iowa

from Yvonne Ellwood

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