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This page is devoted to helping those people who are researching their McFerran ancestors. There are many variations in the spelling of the McFerran surname.  I beleive that the versions with the "F" are the original spellings from Scotland and Ireland.  Most of the Irish McFerrans seem to originate in the Northern Ireland Counties of Antrim and Down.  These may have originally come from Scotland.  The spellings with "PH" instead of "F" likely were created when they immigrated to the U.S.  If anyone has information that they can contribute on the McFerran families, I would appreciate hearing from you.

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Origin of the Name "McFerran"

The Historical Research Centre Inc state and I quote " There is very little information regarding the origin of the Irish surname McFERRAN. It is definitely an anglicization of the Irish MacMHEARAIN ." They then explain the meaning from the Gaelic word and then go on to say " In the sixteenth century this was a common name in Co.Roscommon, but is now found mostly in the northern counties of Antrim and Down." This Gaelic - Irish origin is also confirmed by Maclysaght, E in his book " Supplement to Irish Families " Dublin 1964. He further says that the name was first anglicized as MacMERAN. The Historical Research Centre then proceed to describe the blazon of arms and crest which description is identical to O'Corrain Heraldry. However the latter claim the Gaelic - Irish origin but say the surname comes from O'FEARAIN. The main point is that the " arms and crest " are the exact same. The above may perhaps only confirm that the origin is Gaelic - Irish and if one wishes the blazon of arms etc., can be claimed if only to make one feel " a sense of belonging."  - Submitted by Nigel McFerran (1999)

I have this theory that the name McFerran only appeared after some sailor was washed away on the coasts of Ireland during the disaster of the great Armada... Ferran is a typical name of Catalonia, the Barcelona region in Spain and lots of people by this name would have sailed in the armada (it is a local variation of Fernando, and exists both as family name and given name). It makes more sense to me than a deformation of the name MacMHEARAIN. Just food for thoughts...All the best,  Submitted by Jean Ferran (December 2005).

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McFerran Queries

John McFerrin b abt 1783 in South Carolina.  Married Margaret Ann abt 1812 in South Carolina.  Children: Minirva, Martha, John Ross, Matilda, James Clinton, Robert M., Jane G., Elizabeth, William Andrew.  John McFerrin died 30 June 1856 and was buried in Hopewell Cemetery, Palmyra, Lowndes County, AL.  John was likely living in the Abbeville, SC area before moving to Lowndes County, AL.  Who were John's parents??  Reply to Jim Key at 2231 Lee Ave., Conway, AR  72032 or email at (1-10-2000)
Daniel Gardner McFerran (father John McFerran) b: 1838 Co. Antrim, NIR d: British India 1889

"My ggrandfather was born in Co.Antrim in 1838. I do not know the exact date but have worked out the year from his marriage and death certificates. Both these events took place in British India. On the marriage document his father's name is shown as John McFERRAN. Daniel's trade was that of a ships carpenter/carpenter and supposedly the family were involved in shipbuilding back in Ireland.

The other information, not yet proved however, is that Daniel's second given name of Gardner was a family name (not double-barrel) and perhaps came from his mother. It could have been her maiden surname. I did find through the LDS a marriage between John McFERRAN and a Barbara GARDNER and from a further resource a Barbara Gardner McFERRAN born in Townhead, Antrim in 1835, the father being John. I am unable to link up but feel half way there. I could of course be totally wrong.

Are there any other McFERRAN's out there who perhaps also have a second given name of Gardner or who's ancestor did and can identify with this?"  Reply to Nigel McFerran at (10-17-99)

William Riley McFerrin b 5-25-1823 in Tenn. Married Lydia P. McCurry on 9-10-1864 in Marshall Co. Miss. d 3-25-1898 in Miss. Father of 7 children. Mother unknown-father unknown. My relative Caskey McFerrin b5-2-1872 in Miss. Married Gertrude McFarland on 12-26-1894 in Byhalia,Miss.died 2-28-1940 in Fouke, Arkansas. Need information on William's mother and father. Reply to (3-27-99)
Frances McFerran  We live in Australia,but came here from England in 1974 - my husband's Father's name is John (Jack) Leo McFerran, born 1924 in London, with 4 brothers & 5 sisters (Agnes-deceased aged 2). His Father's name was Frances who had a brother Herbert. My husband's name is Kenneth-no middle name. Does anyone know more abot his family? Reply to Ken & Diana (23 Mar 2002)

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