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Master Cemetery Index of Adams County

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Note: Files A & B contain information from both the 1940's WPA cemetery records and the 1997 records compiled by Mabel Schweers.  The remaining 1940's WPA records have been transcribed by Phyllis Montour. These records may contain some transcription and omission errors, and should only be used as a guide for further research. The red entries in the A & B files indicate 1997 data. New "H"  file uploaded June 2009.

Pioneer Cemeteries:

Chapter 475A of the Iowa Code contains five sections dealing with Easements.  House File 2491 was passed which allows for county commissions to be formed for the control and maintenance of pioneer cemeteries.  For more information on gaining access to pioneer cemeteries on private land contact the following:

Paul Maddy, 1515 Warford St., Perry, IA 50220-1627, Phone: 515-465-3472

Shirley Schermer, Burials Program Director, Office of the State Archaeologist, Eastlawn, The University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, 52242, Phone: 319-335-2400

State Association for the Preservation of Iowa Cemeteries, Fran Jeffers, newsletter editor, 507 Jefferson St., Decorah, Iowa 52101-1711  http://www.rootsweb.com/~iasapc/

Lincoln Township:

Lincoln Center Cemetery - section 16 of Lincoln Twp, west of Lincoln Center Church

     180 lots in the original section ( approx, 1870), 94 lots added 1959

Strand Cemetery - SW corner of section 32 of Lincoln Twp (Norwegian settlement 1870's)

MAP - shows Lincoln Center Cem as a small green rectangle near top, and town of Carbon in lower right corner. Strand Cem not shown, but it is 1.5 miles west and 3 miles south of Lincoln Center Cem.

Washington Township:

Forest Hill Cemetery - section 24 of Washington Twp, 2 mi SE of Mt. Etna

     also known as the Baptist Cemetery, first burial in 1867

Mt. Etna Brethren Cemetery - section 22 of Washington Twp, south of Mt. Etna

The Old Slide-Off Burying Place - on a high bluff SE of Mt. Etna

     possible Indian Burying ground, also used during smallpox epidemic

     burials include: FEES, HOMAN, BOSWELL, Mary MORTON and 4 of her 9 children

Private Burial site - section 24, NE of buildings on Charles Homan farm

Mrs. Susan-Mary Ann SPRAGUE, wife of James Sprague and an infant, dated April 9, 1857 is on one tombstone.  Mrs. Sprague's sister (no name) and McDaniel twin infants.

MAP - shows Iowa 148 highway at left.  Small green rectangle 0.5 mile east of highway is Mt. Etna Brethren Cem.  Other green rectangle to SE is Forest Hill Cem.  Small green rectangle in upper right corner is Carl Cemetery.  Lake Icaria is shown at bottom of page.

Carl Township:

Carl Cemetery - section 17 of Carl Twp., named after early pioneer named Carl

Mt. Zion Cemetery - section 25 of Carl Twp., 4 mi north of Prescott

Colony Township:

Rose Hill Cemetery - NW corner of section 2 of Colony Twp., created in 1858, 10 acres

Bohemian Cemetery - SE corner of section 18 of Colony Twp., 1888

Douglas Township:

Rockdale Cemetery - section 7 of Douglas Twp., 4 miles west of Carbon, Mormons might have been buried in this cemetery, it is also called Norway Cemetery and Larson Burying Ground.

Quincy Township:

The "Old North" Quincy Cemetery - section 8 of Quincy Twp., JMB Miller buried here, oldest stone is dated 1855

Oakland Cemetery - section 17 of Quincy Twp., est. 1854, north section is oldest, cemetery contained 960 lots in 1984.

Queen City Cemetery - section 25 of Quincy Twp., new marker and flagpole near Lake Binder

Walnut Grove Cemetery - section 34 of Quincy Twp., at the NW corner of Corning

Prescott Township:

Evergreen Cemetery - section 14 of Prescott Twp., NW of Prescott

Old Prescott or Castle Cemetery - section 14 of Prescott Twp., 0.5 mile north of school

Icarian Cemetery - section 32 of Prescott Twp., 3.5 miles east of Corning, est. 1857

Mt. Pleasant Cemetery - used by the Methodist Episcopal Church

Union Township:

Summit Cemetery - NE corner of section 21, Union Twp., 5 acres and 186 lots, 4 mi east of Prescott

Nodaway Township:

Nodaway Cemetery - Section 9 of Nodaway Twp, 2 miles NE of Nodaway.

Baldwin Cemetery - Section 1 of Nodaway Twp, 1 mile west of the Brooks corner on US 34. The first grave was in 1858, Freeborne G. Baldwin.  66 lots surrounded by virgin timber.

Methodist Grove - purchased in 1855 by Wm W. Wellingham. SW corner of Section 6, Nodaway Twp.  First burial is child of John and Rhoda Smith. First adult burial was Oliver Hamilton, father of Mrs. Milton Richey.

Private Cemeteries:  

Southwest of Nodaway near the old Baker cut is a small old plot with a few graves.  1.25 miles west of old Henshaw is a clump of lost graves with no markers of any kind.  On the Gibb Pierce 4 miles south of Nodaway is a family lot with a few graves with good monuments.  

Jasper Township:

Brooks Cemetery - Section 6, Jasper Twp. up a long lane from the Brooks-Corning road (Blue Grass Road) about 1 mile NE of Brooks. Many veterans buried here.

Calvary Cemetery - Section 2, Jasper Twp. on the South edge of Corning south of US 34 adjacent to Oak Hill Cemetery.

Oak Hill Cemetery - Section 2, Jasper Twp. adjacent to Calvary Cemetery.  A large Catholic statue sits on the boundary between the two.

Prairie Rose Cemetery - Section 28, Jasper Twp.5 miles south and 2 miles west of Corning.  One of the larger cemeteries in the county.

Old Brooks Pioneer Cemetery - Section 8, Jasper Twp. near the East Nodaway River on a high bluff on the property of Robert F. Brown. There is no road to this cemetery and very few markers. The stones were moved to the Brooks Cemetery sometime after 1937 due to eroision. The first owner was James Campbell in 1856, then Jacob Strait Lawrence, Ed Snethen, Cooneys, then Brown. (info from Floyd Lawrence)

Mercer Township:

No cemeteries in this township.

Grant Township:

Stringtown Cemetery - Section 6, Grant Twp. at the Stringtown corner of US 34 (jct of IA 49 and US 34) north of Lenox.  127 lots on 2 acres.  A large monument of a young woman resting her chin in her hand, made from Italian marble is visible from US 34.

Salem Cemetery - Section 18, Grant Twp. 2.5 miles south and 1 mile west of Stringtown, near Salem Church of the Brethren. 108 lots.

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